Piedmont Conference


of the

79th Annual Session

of the

Original Free Will Baptist

Piedmont Conference

Held with

Amazing Grace Free Will Baptist Church

High Point, North Carolina

July 23, 2022


Executive Board

Moderator: Reverend Tim Burton (2023)

Vice Moderator: Reverend Audie Tucker (2024)

Treasurer: Reverend Junior Bingham (2023)

Clerk: Wayne Hicks (2023)

At Large: Reverend Roger Motsinger (2023)

At Large 2: Reverend Richard Martin (2023)

Clerk Assistant: Mrs. Angela Garrett (2024)

Ordaining Council

Reverend Hillis Burton (2024)

Reverend Jimmy Garrett (2023)

Reverend Charlie Tyler (2024)

Reverend Charlie Garrett (2023)

Memorial Committee

Mrs. Neoma Garrett

Reverend Carlee Stallard


Conference Trustees

Reverend David Atkins

Reverend Carlee Stallard


Ordained Ministers of the Piedmont Conference

Rev. Robert Alexander 1706 Hwy 55 East Kinston, NC 28501; Phone (252) 522-0236

Rev. David Atkins 7205 St. Crispins Way Summerfield, NC 27358; Phone (336) 643-5162

Rev. Michael Barnes 424 Swicegood Farms Lane   ; Phone (336) 247-1784

Rev. Junior Eddie Bingham 729 Kennedy Road Thomasville, NC 27360; Phone (336) 688-3072

Rev. Hillis Burton 200 Trexler Road Thomasville, NC 27360; Phone (336) 475-2605

Rev. Tim Burton 109 H.E. Clement Lane Thomasville, NC 27360; Phone (Cell) (336) 880-5951

Rev. Jerry Campbell 1624 Normady Lane Winston-Salem, NC 27103; Phone (Cell) (336)-880-5951

Rev. Jimmy Garrett 123 Johnia Court Thomasville, NC 27360; Phone (336) 225-9230

Rev. Allen Hudson 378 Northan Road Rockingham, NC 28379; Phone (910) 895-9696

Rev. Johnny Johnson 183 Lake Point Drive Rockingham, NC 28379; Phone (910) 817-7496

Rev. Jack Jones 3678 Courtland Circle Thomasville, NC 27360; Phone (336-240-4974

Rev. Franklin Lane 1255 NC 581 North, Pikeville NC 27863; Phone (919)580-6203

Rev. Richard Marsh 689 Ingram Mountain Road, Lilesville, NC 28091; Phone (704) 294-4313

Rev. Richard Martin 444 Chapel Drive Thomasville, NC 27360; Phone (Cell) (336) 688-1347

Rev. Roger Motsinger 1214 Colston Court Kernersville, NC 27284; Phone (336) 993-6947

Rev. David Parrish 609 Lee Street Wadesboro, NC 28170; Phone (704) 699-6528

Rev. Scotty Ray Sellers 6328 Post Road Thomasville, NC 27360; Phone (336) 442-9603

Rev. Carlee Stallard 415 Dewey Street Kernersville, NC 27284; Phone (Cell) (336-686-9158

Rev. Charlie Tyler 241 Home Place Road Rockingham, NC 28379; Phone (910) 582-4517

Rev. Audie, Tucker 4820 Poplar Ridge Road Trinity, NC 27370; Phone (336) 580-0513

Rev. Cathy Vernon 620 Van Buren Road Stoneville, NC 27048; Phone (336) 427-7903

Licensed Ministers of the Piedmont Conference

Rev. Harold Hopper 2430 Hickory Fork Road Walnut Cove, NC  27052; Phone (336) 427-4973

Disabled Ministers of the Piedmont Conference

Rev. Howard Starling P.O. Box 1205 Pulaski, VA 24301; Phone (336) 584-0590

Rev. Carl Wood 117 Bowers Lane Ellerbe, NC 28338; Phone (910) 652-5007

Clerk of the Piedmont Conference

Mr. Wayne Hicks 221 Linwood Road Stokesdale, NC 27357; Phone (336) 548-4453

Assistant Clerk of the Piedmont Conference

Mrs. Angela Garrett 123 Johnia Court Thomasville, NC 27360; Phone (336) 225-9229


The Seventy Ninth annual session of the Piedmont Conference of the Original Free Will Baptist convened at Amazing Grace Original Free Will Baptist Church in Thomasville, North Carolina on July 23, 2022 with the Reverend Hillis Burton as the host pastor.

The business session started at 10:00 am on July 23, 2022 with the opening hymn, “Keep on the Firing Line”. The Conference called to order by the Rev. Roger Motsinger who was filling in for the Vice-Moderator. Devotions were given by Mr. James Lamberth Titled: Love God; Scripture: Matthew 22: 36-40, Mark 10: 17-22 & John 14: 14-21


Executive Board:

Camp Meeting:     

Due to COVID and not having Lunch** It was decided to hold the Camp Meeting as stand along Worship Service.  Discussed having the Camp Meeting on August 13, 2022 Starting @ 10:00.  Will bring before the body of the OFWB Piedmont Conference for a church to volunteer.  Will get the Pastor to give the Worship Message and select the singers. – Rev. Michael Barnes volunteered to have the Camp Meeting at Burton Street Missionary Methodist Church.

OFWB Convention Revising Articles of Faith and Church Covenant:

Rev. Junior Bingham, Rev. Hillis Burton & Rev. Tim Burton were unable to attend the meeting.

Denominational Ministries:

Clerk sent out reminder letters to the Denominational Ministries of their meeting times and advise the OFWB Piedmont Conference if they are unable to attend.

University of Mount Olive:

Representative advised she would be attending the July 2022 Session of the OFWB Piedmont Conference.

Christian Education:

The Director, Sister Gail Heath addressed the OFWB Piedmont Conference Executive Board regarding a training session they have for the same day as our Camp Meeting.  The training session is on a book called “Rock Solid Teacher” Brother Phil Brown is conducting the session.  Since the OFWB Piedmont Conference is in Camp Meeting the same day she would like to bring the training session to the OFWB Piedmont Conference at a later date.  She brought a copy of the book, “Rock Solid Teacher” and each of the OFWB Piedmont Conference Executive Board Member scanned the book and all agreed it would be a good training tool for the OFWB Piedmont Conference Churches and their Sunday School Staff.  It would be good for anyone wanting to learn and how to share the Gospel of Christ.  The cost would be $10.00 which is the cost of the book.  She advised that the time would be a 3 ½ hour training session (9:00 to 12:30) and light refreshments would be provided.  She has 3 dates that she and Brother Phil have open.  (1) 9/17/22; (2) 10/8/22 and (3) 11/21/22. Rev. Tim Burton advised if no other church volunteered that Amazing Grace would host. Bring before the body of the OFWB Piedmont Conference.




Ordaining Council:

Rev. Jimmy Garrett – discussed business – Send for Rev. Johnathan Williams license and asked he be removed from the OFWB Piedmont Conference Minister’s Roll

Will add a clause stressing the importance of attending and support the OFWB Piedmont Conference when meeting with potential new ministers

Denominational Ministries: These were present and came forward to give a report.

Christian Education – Sister Gail Heath

30 summer camp scholarships for Cragmont & Camp Vandermere., Apply by December 31, 2022, letter of recommendation needed from the Church Pastor

Widows Retreat last weekend in January; Life Conference 1st Saturday in March at the University of Mt. Olive

Training Session on 8/13/22 on book “Rock Solid Teacher” given by Mr. Phil Brown.  Good for all Sunday School Staff, Home Schooling and also for lay members.

University of Mount Olive – Sister Jessica Sellers

Discussed Universities curriculum and sessions. Sstudent are accepting Christ as their Savior

Convention Services – Rev. Gary Bailey was unable to attend


Nominating Committee(Rev. Tim Burton, Rev. Junior Bingham, Rev. Richard Martin, Rev. Roger Motsinger & Wayne Hicks) – Read by Clerk Wayne Hicks.

  • (From the Executive Board) Vice-Moderator – Rev. Audie Tucker and Clerk Assistant – Mrs. Angela Garrett
  • (From the Ordaining Council) Rev. Hilis Burton and Rev. Charlie Tyler

No one has approached the Moderator as not wanting to return. Suggested to have everyone return, since no one requested to leave.  Will bring before the body of the OFWB Piedmont Conference.

  • This was brought before the body of the OFWB Piedmont Conference. Since no one has requested to leave their office and no one was interesting in an office, it was decided and voted on that all officers to return.


We her by resolve to give Amazing Grace Free Will Baptist Church a rising vote of thanks for hosting the 79th Annual Session of the OFWB Piedmont Conference. Bring before the body of the OFWB Piedmont Conference.


Worship Hour:

Opening Hymn: I’ll Be Satisfied. Prayer:   Message by: Rev. Tim Burton, Scripture: Luke 17: 11-16; Title of Message: “When Jesus Passes By”, Dismissal Prayer, Around the Alter Do to COVID a lunch was not provided, thank you Amazing Grace OFWB Church for your hospitality.

Respectfully submitted,

Reverend Tim Burton, Moderator

Wayne Hicks, Clerk