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January is designated by our Convention as Retirement Homes Month for Original Free Will Baptists.

The following is taken from the September/October issue of the Community magazine:

Important Information from Retirement Homes

The Board of Directors and the Director of FWB Retirement Homes are making a few changes to how we will operate the Disability Equipment Availability Program. Effective immediately, the Director will no longer pick up or deliver heavy equipment, such as hospital beds and lift chairs. This is necessitated due to the physical constraints of the Director. The doctor has said that the Director must stop lifting the heavy equipment for his good.

If there is anyone who needs equipment, we can make it available. I will include a list of the equipment we have at the end of this article. If someone calls needing heavy equipment and cannot make arrangements to pick it up, the Director will try to contact the individual’s pastor to make arrangements. We still want to help everyone we can, but this will help alleviate some physical problems of the Director.

If you have questions or need clarification on the new procedures, please call The Reverend Keith Philips, Interim Director, at 910-330-3818. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

At present, and at most anytime, we have the following equipment available:

Full electric hospital beds (4)

Semi-electric hospital beds (5)

Electric wheelchairs (2)

Manual wheelchairs (4)

Bedside Commodes (8)

Inside shower or tub shower chairs (6)

Transfer shower chair, i.e., straddles a tub (3)

We have some other things that are infrequently called for, so please call if you need anything, and if we have it, you can get it.

The numbers on the above list change from day to day, so please call before planning a trip to our location to ensure the item(s) is/are available.