This is the home page for The Convention of the Original Free Will Baptist Churches and contains the monthly ministry as well as other common documents and basic information about the convention


This sections contains various flyers and information about upcoming and important events. If you have information you would like to be posted please contact us and let us know!


The month of September is designated by our Convention as Church Planting and Renewal month among Original Free Will Baptists. As commissioned by our Convention our Church Planting and Renewal Program is “to plant new churches in areas that have potential for success.” The program is about  more than planting new church. It is also given the responsibility “to encourage church growth, renewal and outreach within existing Original Free Wil Baptist Churches.”

The Reverend Dr. Franklin Baggett is the Director of Church Planting and Renewal. He will be happy to discuss the work of this program and ways you can help.  You can call him at the Convention Office number, 919-299-4553