To: All Original Free Will Baptists

From: The Convention Executive Committee

Date: February 24, 2021

Subject: Postponement of the annual meeting of the Convention

The OFWB Convention Executive Committee met on February 16, 2021 and decided to postpone the 2021 annual meeting of the Convention until sometime in the fall of this year. We traditionally meet in mid-May, but the decision to postpone was deemed necessary due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

No date has been set for the fall meeting. When that date has been decided you will be notified well in advance. It is our prayer that the Covid pandemic will be over or under control enough that we can safely meet at that time.

This pandemic has caused misfortune and tragedy for many throughout the world.  As Christians, we have a great responsibility to show the world how Christians are supposed to act under adverse circumstances.

Let us all unite in prayer for all our Churches, Ministries, Conferences and Convention. Some of our Churches have remained strong while others have not been able to meet for many weeks. Pray that OFWB will remain resilient through all this adversity.

April is Church Planting and Renewal Month

The month of April is designated by our Convention as Church Planting and Renewal month among Original Free Will Baptists. As commissioned by our Convention, our Church Planting and Renewal Program is “to plant new churches in areas that have potential for success.” The program is about more than planting new churches. It is also given the responsibility “to encourage church growth, renewal and outreach within existing Original Free Wil Baptist Churches.”

The Reverend Dr. Franklin Baggett is the Director of Church Planting and Renewal. He will be happy to discuss the work of this program and ways you can help.  You can call him at the Convention Office number, 919-299-4553. You can also visit the Church Planting and Renewal Facebook page here.

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