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Convention May 24th 2023

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        March is designated by our Convention as Foreign Missions Month for Original Free Will Baptists.

        The Board of Foreign Missions was created by the Convention of Original Free Will Baptists to aid the churches in fulfilling their responsibility of carrying out the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to take the Gospel to all people (Mark 16:15). The command was given to the Church. This Board serves as the channel through which the cooperative efforts of the church are concentrated to fulfill this great task. Through these efforts, work has been established in Bulgaria, India, Liberia, Guinea, Mexico, and the Philippines.

        The Board of Foreign Missions is dependent on the churches for prayer and financial support. Every local church should make world outreach its chief concern. Jesus gave Himself for ALL people. Your gift and prayer support for Foreign Missions is a testimony of your obedience and love for Him.

Directors of Foreign Missions:

The Rev. A. B. Bryan 1959-1967

The Rev. Joseph Ingram 1967-1981

The Rev. Harold Jones 1981-

Administrative Assistant:

Sandra Jones

Present Board Members:

Gary Bailey, Chairman

John Hill, Secretary

Phil Wood

Phil Hodges

Phillip Boykin

        If you would like to know more about our Foreign Mission Program you can check out their website at https://ofwbi.org or contact The Reverend Harold Jones at 252-746-4963 or email him at harold@ofwbi.org.

        The mailing address for our Foreign Missions program is P. O. Box 38, Ayden, NC, 28513.