Western Conference 

2021-2022 Executive Committee Members

The Reverend George Futrelle, Moderator (2024) – futrellegh@gmail.com

The Reverend Eric Narron, Vice Moderator (2023) – eric@branchchapel.com

Mrs. Kathryne Parnell, Clerk (2024)- parnellkathryne@gmail.com

The Reverend Sherman Dilley, Treasurer (2023)- shermandilley@att.net

The Reverend Daniel Lancaster, Member at Large (2023)- dlancaster@wilsonnc.org

 Ordaining Council Members 

The Reverend Ray Wells (2029)- ray@marshswamp.org

The Reverend Howard Scott (2023)-  howardscott@gmail.com

The Reverend Terry Ellis (2024)- terryellis93@gmail.com

The Reverend Stanley Kirby (2027)-

The Reverend Dr. De Wayne Eakes (2028)- eakesde@gmail.com

The Reverend Barry Stallings (2026)- pastorbub@nc.rr.com